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Database upgrade

SQL modification

Web programming


SQL performance tuning

  • Out team members are EX Oracle and Microsoft employees.

  • Team members present at Oracle Open World and other events.

  • Employees are USA based.

  • Improve you application performance

  • Integrate with your ITSM ticketing system

  • Create dashboard with text message alerts

  • Migrate from cloud to on-premise

  • Create mobile reporting


E-Business Suite Provides:

  • Concurrent Managers Performance

  • Modules Transactions

  • Branches and Locations Volume

  • Concurrent Programs Performance

  • Long Running Jobs Trending

  • Failed Jobs

  • Long Jobs Running During Business Hours and Affecting Performance

  • Work Products

  • Trending and Graphs

  • Customization for your environment and reporting

e-Business Suite Plugin

E-Business Suite Plug-in to Instance Resolves allows your technical and decision support team to focus more on strategic and project initiatives rather than tactical day-to-day- issues

Drupal Web Development

We build customized websites for clients using the content management systems Drupal.

FamTeck work to understand each client’s specific business objectives and select the best developers from their company to meet customer needs. 

Interesting to know, a successful website satisfies a client’s need to tell a story and a user’s need for information.

You’ll know about upcoming issues before the news breaks. Be the first to see and be proactive by outlining potential challenges before they occur and other analytics remotely. Never miss a beat again

Automate Database Health Check that measure performance over time with drill-down capacities to find the root cause of the problem

Provided database and application SQL Performance Tuning with top SQLs of the Day, Week and Month.

Provide Mobile Database Infrastructure and Security Health Check using your Smartphone Touchscreen. Optimal performance while doing more with less.

Track and trend growth capacity for many years including mobile database application and storage capacity planning and trending dashboard.

 Instance Resolve 

Now Available for


 Instance Resolve 

Now Available for

Cloud Based Companies and Services

  • Do more with less human resources.

  • Predictive Analytics allows you to see potential challenges is advance before they occur.

  • Trending, Capacity Planning, Real-Time Alerts, SQL, Backups, Storage.

  • Database Infrastructure and Security Health Check.

  • Database Content Cyber Security.

  • Multi-tenant security with text alerts.

  • Mobile - Access touch screen dashboard from your smartphone or mobile advice anywhere in the world.

  • Increase customers confidence and transparency.

  • Allow customers to proactively resolve challenges.

  • Reduce the number of database downtime.

  • PCI, SOX, HIPPA and CFR Compliant.

  • Reduce number of false/positive calls coming into support help-desk saying system is down or slow.

  • Fully customizable with your logo

  • Trending, Capacity Planning, Real-Time Alerts, SQL, Backups, Storage

  • Improve SLAs

  • Clarity – Clear Solution – Reduce Confusion.

  • Simplicity – Keep it Simple – Answers are only three touch screen away.

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