FamTeck: A Leading Database Technology Solution Provider

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

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Atlanta, Georgia

FamTeck, is enabling companies, Managed Host and Cloud providers and government agencies to re-draw the boundaries of simplifying your IT transformation with Database Cyber Security, Predictive Analytics, Mobility and Transparency. IT leaders are being tasked with budget constraints to move business faster without system downtime and protecting their database content from being breached.

FamTeck: Instance Resolve leverages predictive analytics, database cyber security and mobility to provide the next generation application to meet these challenges. For example, a Managed Host and Cloud provider put together an impressive checklist and scorecard to see if FamTeck solutions could meet their requests. Although they have over 20,000 servers and thousands of Oracle and SQL Server databases in their managed host and Cloud service space, FamTeck was able to meet those challenges.

The Single and Multi-Tenant security inside of Instance Resolve not only allows you to have better control on database security access but it also allows your security team, partners and customers to be alerted on database objects, strings or keywords. It alerts you if someone has accessed data or fields that you deemed important. It shows internal employees access commands and automated processes that access objects and strings to critical data.

The Database Vulnerability Scorecard shows drill-down access information on database, tables, columns which retrieve social security numbers, credit cards and any information that you marked as Top Secret, Confidential, Proprietary, Restricted or Protected and Unclassified including keeping the gatekeepers honest from internal threats. The Predictive Analytics features show you potential challenges way in advance that can cause system outages and slow application performance resulting in reduced application downtime.

FamTeck is bringing back the “sizzle” within Corporate IT. Traditional IT resources must use a laptop to have visibility into their infrastructure. Fam Teck's mobility features allow management to have a visual view via mobile devices (i.e. smart phones, iPads, etc.) without having to wait for an email or phone call.

FamTeck solutions are deployed at Fortune 500 companies, ranging from Healthcare, Manufacturing, Construction, Financial and Technology industries.

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About FamTeck

Named 2017, 20 most Promising Database Technology Solution Provider by CIO Magazine. FamTeck is an emerging and innovative group when it comes to developing new technology to provide optimal performance while doing more with less and increasing employee productivity. When it comes to successful technology projects, how you achieve the result can be just as important as the result itself.