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The Most Secure Database Solution
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Database security, compliance and resilience

Use FamTeck USA based software to protect your data.  We focus on protecting database and application content. 

We can help your business detect and prevent data breaches.

Observe regulatory compliance in a constantly evolving landscape.

Sustain an effective data protection management posture.







  1. Database Cyber Security

  2. Machine Learning (Performance Analytics)

  3. Audit Controls/ License Risk Manager

  4. Database & Application Capacity Planning, Management and Trending

  5. Artificial Intelligent Knowledge Base

  6. Smartphone View. Mobile

Connect-the-dots Faster

performance & trending

Proven benefits include:                 
  • Descriptive analytics (Prepares and analyzes historical data while identifying patterns from samples for reporting of trends)

  • Predictive analytics (Finds relationships in data that may not be readily apparent with descriptive analysis)

  • Dashboard readout of performance availability

  • Connect to ITSM for seamless Incident ticket management

  • Reports on Database SOX and PCI compliance

  • Reduces timeline to deliver critical information for security and compliance audits


Capacity Planning and Management:
  • Trend Database Growth

  • Trend Fastest Growing Objects

  • Trend Largest Database Objects

  • Trend Table Space Growth

  • Database Storage Management

  • Workload Balancing within a Cluster or High Availability environment

  • Worse performing SQL of the Week/Month

  • Trend Memory, CPU and Disk utilization

  • Automate Database Health Check that measure performance over time with drill-down capacities to find the root cause of the problem




Want to know who’s copying or viewing critical and confidential information?



Have control over your Database Assets while reducing your financial risk of unbudgeted liabilities and overspending of an audit.



  1.  Identify what is being used in each database.

  2.  What paid features are turned on in each database.

  3.  Minimize your License Management risk by knowing your license usage versus entitlement

  4. Consolidated view of licenses currently own…to understand licenses need.

  5. Information to help you consolidate the licenses you currently own to understand the licenses you need.

  6. Get equipped with data to remodel licensing for greater benefits.

  • Validate if critical data encryption features are active for PCI, HIPAA and SOX compliant.

  • List of loaded components.

  • Database privileges that are being tracked.

  • Default and aged passwords.

  • Last password change.

  • Current sessions and CPU highwaters.



Intrusion Detection

& Lock-out

Your database is your last line of defense. You’ll know about upcoming issues before the news break.

Ensure data privacy, protect against insider and outsider threats by safeguarding your most valuable data with Database Intrusion Detection and Lock-out security controls.
  • Allows only communication from specific servers, users and other criteria

  • No database triggers

  • Monitor database traffic to detect, report and stop threats

  • Enhance security database auditing reports and controls

  • Full visibility from smartphone anywhere, anytime with alerts

OpEx and CapEx Pricing
  • No New Hardware or licenses require.

  • No PC Client installation.

  • Unlimited CPUs/Cores & Unlimited Users.

  • Fast installation - Install in hours.

  • Unlimited Databases, management, trending, Auditing and cyber security risk litigation.

  • Live On-Premise or Cloud installations.

  • It’s Yours to Keep with no annual cost.

  • Pay as you go and cancel anytime.

  • Starts at $1,800 per month for enterprise.

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We provide an affordable, easy-to-use mobile tool that helps organizations increase database uptime, cut down audit time and manage your compliance and risk projects faster than ever.


When it comes to successful technology projects, how you achieve the result can be as important as the result itself... 


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