Teleworking and Video Conferencing

Complementary and built into the tool

Instance Resolve allows you to view and review your database and application environments securely on your smart phone and other mobile devices

remotely while you are teleworking.

Works in Cloud and On-Premise environments.

Keeping you connected to your team while being remote

OpEx and CapEx Pricing
  • No New Hardware or licenses require.

  • No PC Client installation.

  • Unlimited CPUs/Cores & Unlimited Users.

  • Fast installation - Install in hours.

  • Unlimited Databases, management, trending, Auditing and cyber security risk litigation.

  • Live On-Premise or Cloud installations.

  • It’s Yours to Keep with no annual cost.

  • Pay as you go and cancel anytime.

  • Starts at $1,800 per month

Database security, compliance and resilience

-  Use FamTeck USA based software to protect your data.  We focus on protecting database and application content. 

-  We can help your business detect and prevent data breaches resulting from internal user.

- Observe regulatory compliance in a constantly evolving landscape.

- Sustain an effective data protection management posture.

Industries We Serve

We provide an affordable, easy-to-use mobile tool that helps organizations increase database uptime, cut down audit time and manage your compliance and risk projects faster than ever.


When it comes to successful technology projects, how you achieve the result can be as important as the result itself... 


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